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Fresh Local Food & Happy Animals

CSA Memberships

We provide fresh, local produce for our community.

Join our CSA and become a member of the farm! Members receive weekly deliveries of their share of fresh produce and farm goods.

Moonlit Meadow Farm

Starting with one milking goat at a time, our mission is to provide fresh, local dairy products for our community.

We grow & produce farm fresh, local food for our community

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We have a limited amount of CSA memberships available.

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Pick up your fresh farm goods from our convenient location each week on your designated pickup day.

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Nix is a Saneen dairy buck. He’s as stinky and naughty as he is sweet and kindhearted. Also a natural satellite of Pluto, Nix was discovered by astronomers in 2005.


Elara is a sweet LaMancha nanny goat, is most certainly The Boss and one of our favorite milking does. Elara also happens to be the 8th moon of Jupiter.


A feisty young naturally-polled saneen + alpine goat, Styx is our favorite youngster. Styx gets her namesake from a small natural satellite of Pluto.


Callisto, an Alpine doe and our best milk producer, has a dramatic flair and loves snuggles. In astronomy, Callisto is the second largest moon of Jupiter.


Miracle comes when you call her name. She was the only duckling to survive her clutch, hence her name. “Beloved, Odd Duck” describes her perfectly.

Gabriella of Wind Chime

Gabriella of Wind Chime is a sweet and plucky Paso Fino who loves to explore the island. Her favorite adventures are day rides around the island.


Ziggy Olaf Stardust

Ziggy loves snuggles, believes he’s a lap goat and wants to be in the center of attention. Always. He’s the friendliest goat we’ve met yet.

Lio (aka Megatron)

A huge draft-quarter horse cross with a big personality to match, Lio’s gentle soul and feisty antics keep us on our toes.

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